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Title: A contrastive analysis of Intonation in English Yes- No questions and Vietnamese equivalent expressions
Authors: Đào, Thị Tâm
Keywords: A contrastive analysis of Intonation
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: ulis
Abstract: The study is aimed at intonation in English Yes- No questions and equivalent expressions in Vietnamese by using Contrastive Analysis as the major method. This contrastive analysis is mainly based on different researches into intonation and Yes- No questions by many English and Vietnamese linguists. In the study, intonation in English Yes- No questions, which are extracted from authentic sources, is analyzed in terms of its form and function to find out how it is correspondingly expressed in Vietnamese ones. The similarities and differences in terms of form of intonation in English Yes- No questions and Vietnamese ones are clearly shown by the contrastive analysis of three main components of intonation namely rhythm, stress and pitch. The study is also focused on the four functions of English intonation entitled attitudinal function, accentual function, grammatical function and discourse function by which a lot of important meanings can be expressed in English Yes- No question types in different speaking situations. In addition, the way these functions of intonation in English Yes- No questions are expressed in Vietnamese is also one of the main points of the study. In the last chapter, based on the result of the survey questionnaire which is carried out to explore how much learners at elementary level at Cat Linh English Center know about English intonation in general and English intonation in Yes- No questions in particular, some problems encountered by teachers in the teaching of intonation in English Yes- No questions to Vietnamese learners of English are listed. Also, some suggested techniques as possible solutions for the teaching of English intonation are worked out with a view to helping Vietnamese learners gain an insight into English intonation and its uses for the daily communication.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/648
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