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Title: Lối nói ẩn dụ dựa trên các thuật ngữ đIều khiển tàu biển
Authors: Ngo Thi, Nhan
Keywords: Lối nói ẩn dụ dựa trên các thuật ngữ đIều khiển tàu biển
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: ULIS
Abstract: This minor thesis was designed to investigate into metaphors in nautical terms in maritime register. There are many approaches to metaphors, however, in this paper, the major applied approach is cognitive semantics introduced by Saeed (2005). Besides, the insight into metaphor in terms of image schemata mainly has its foundation from the theory of conceptual metaphors established by Lakoff and Johnson (1980). Sixty-five sentences containing sixty-five nautical terms with their metaphorical meanings were collected from many marine newspapers, magazines, books, websites… These sixty-five terms analyzed in terms of image schemata by the quantitative and descriptive methods exposed the following findings: the image schemata in metaphors in marine register are very diversified, the frequency of different kinds of schemata varies in different groups of terms (classified by topic). The study also indicated that the cognition of Vietnamese and English people reveals many differences. Finally, these findings were utilized to help raise students’ concern of this trope and improve their comprehension of nautical terms.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2087
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